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If you love interior design as much as we do, then you really should read this list. Covet House hand selected 10 interior designers working today that changed the industry for the good, that is, the names that stand out when the topic ‘contemporary design‘ is discussed. Coming from all corners of the world and mastering different styles, we are proudly sharing our picks for the top 10 interior designers you must know about!

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Jonathan Adler

Top 15 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Archinet

Jonathan Adler is a potter, designer and author whose design inspirations have mainly come from the mid-century modern style art and global pop culture. He includes his passion for culture, craftsmanship and mid-century in every single one of his projects. In addition to designing furniture and product, as well as producing some stellar interior designs, Adler has also collaborated with other luxury brands in the creation of some magical places.

Sasha Bikoff

Top 15 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Architectural Digest

Sasha Bikoff’s aesthetic is 18th Century French Rococo mixed with 1960s Space Age Modern, 1970s French Modernism and 1980s Italian Memphis Milano, which she executes with bright and colorful fabrics and rare antiques. It is a combination that highlights the best of the best from the coveted aesthetics of New York, the Hamptons, Miami, Palm Beach and Palm Springs. Using a keen understanding of design and culture, Sasha Bikoff creates spaces based on her clients’ passions and inspirations.

Marcel Wanders

Top 15 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Est Living

Regarded by many as a powerful force in the design world, Marcel Wanders has made his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.” His work excites, provokes and polarises, but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the human spirit and entertain.

India Mahdavi

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Architectural Digest

India Mahdavi is from Iran and that’s where she developed her own characteristic technique. Currently living in Paris, she keeps on traveling the world in search of inspiration and we must tell she is a true visionary. The designer imposes herself on the contemporary design industry as a singular, eclectic and nomadic way to celebrate some kind of oriental pop in the west. From the materials and textures to the colorful style, India Mahdavi will remain forever in the history of design.

Philippe Starck

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© The Conran Shop 

An internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect, Philippe Starck creates unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful. Most of his designs have become cult objects and his hotels are timeless icons that have added a new dimension to the global cityscape. An advocate of sustainability, Philippe Starck is one of the most sensational interiors designers we know of.

Kelly Wearstler

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© lifeMstyle

As an interior designer, Kelly Wearstler finds influence in Modernism and old Hollywood glamour as created by Dorothy Draper and William Haines, and the work of architect Aldo Rossi. Her style has been described as Hollywood Regency and Maximalism. She is credited, alongside Jonathan Adler and Miles Redd, to have brought “the florid and the decorative back to interior design”.

Miles Redd

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Lonny

Miles Redd has a unique aesthetic vision, characterized by playful mélanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures. Colorful, glamorous and contemporary in equal doses, Miles Redd has a really strong connection with the fashion world, drawing on inspirations ranging from Richard Avedon fashion photographs to Rene Gruau illustrations.

Kelly Hoppen

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Philippine Tatler

With a unique signature style and over 40 years of experience, Kelly Hoppen is surely an icon and one of the most celebrated interior designers in the world. Through the years she has received multiple awards, been featured in numerous publications and collaborated with several selected brands. Besides being one of the most inspiring women that have ever lived, she’s also a true symbol of contemporary and luxury design.

Kris Turnbull

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Twitter

Kris Turnbull Studios is the best at giving a modern approach to a luxury interior design project, and that’s exactly why his design firm is so highly sought after. With a creative team that offers the best interior design, architecture, interior architecture and styling services, Kris Turnbull is definitely a reference to all the contemporary interior design community.

Patricia Urquiola

Top 10 Interior Designers You Must Know About

© Haworth

Patricia Urquiola was born in Spain but she’s now based in Milan. Her works range from poetical pieces to practical elements. She’s has been awarded several times and she’s what we call a real revolutionary in the interior design and architecture worlds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or a residential project – she rules them all.

Featured Image: © Haworth


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