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Several Luxury Building Projects are being announced in Mexico. We’ve been witnessing an interesting boom in the Luxury Construction Sector in Mexico, where thousands of projects are announced each year. One of the Mexican regions with most luxury projects announced for the upcoming years is the developing region of Guadalajara. Let’s explore some of them!

First of all, a helpful legal disclaimer for your consideration! Most of these projects didn’t finish their construction process and some of them are still waiting for the needed building permits and financial projects from the correspondent public and private authorities/ departments!

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

The purpose of this article is to highlight the luxury architecture of some of this projects and to give you some architectural inspiration! You may even find some of these projects an interesting investment, but you should always contact the Guadalajara Public Authorities to get some useful information about the present status of all of these projects.

Modern Home Décor isn’t connected, in any way, to any of these projects. We are just showing you some of the curious architectural buildings that are planned to be built in a certain region, therefore our interest is purely theoretical and aesthetic! That’s why we purposely don’t mention prices or information about the building companies. Take this information into consideration if you want to know more about some of these projects!

One of the few main projects in the Guadalajara Region that’s already under construction is the Andares Corpotativo Paseo. This is an architectural design by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos with some luxury features. With an appealing look, it’s planned to have more than 25 floors, but most of them are planned to be occupied by corporate and commercial projects. As you can see it’s a good-looking building with a contemporary design that resembles the designs of some of the skyscrapers we can find in New York City.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

With the building process nearly finished, we present you the Pisos Cavalia project. This residential project bets on a European architectural concept related to luxury projects and is aimed at a luxury segment!

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

In the first stages of the building process, we can find the Cima Park Project. It’s also a luxury residential project with an elegant aesthetic located in the green suburbs of Guadalajara. The clean style of the buildings seen in the rendering project that’s been presented by the constructor shows some natural elegance.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I


Another elegant project is the Midtown project presented by Sordo Madaleno Architects. Midtown establishes itself in Guadalajara as a luxury mixed-use project that wants to furnish the city with new commercial and entertainment spaces, together with a significant hotel and office provision for the western region of Mexico.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

The Attala Tower Living is a development of 82 apartments that have been developed to integrate quality, design, location and functionality in 82 limited edition residences that are planned to include all the luxury services and amenities that the property owners will need. This luxury project, with a curious design, has got some interesting architectural details.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I


With only one of the two towers planned in construction, the Espacio Galerias is a good looking residential project with some elegant details in one of the noblest neighborhoods of the region.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

Designed by the prestigious architectural firm Sordo Madaleno, Andares 5065 is planned to be a modern project in an urban, elegant and exclusive panorama, in which first-class experiences will be offered. It includes residential, corporate and commercial spaces, namely a luxury Hotel.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

The design of the Cosmocrat Puerta de Hierro building evokes freedom and provides a cosmopolitan sensation that floods every space. Perfect on paper for those looking for a different option in residential and luxury homes.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I


Iconia Cubos is a multimodal real estate complex that’s planned to offer a unique lifestyle in the Guadalajara area, where two apartment towers, a Gran Turismo category hotel and an Entertainment Center type mall will converge.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

Renowned architect Teodoro González de León is the name behind the architectural project of the Nerea Project. The project is a  visual work of art in fullness, which fuses the sublime feminine purity and the stoicism of a great architecture!

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

A purely Hospitality project that’s already under construction is the Hotel Baruk Guadalajara. The luxury, clean and elegant design of this project will certainly help this Baruk’s hospitality bet in Guadalajara to succeed.

Some Luxury Building Projects in Guadalajara, México - Part I

Finally, let’s explore the Landmark Guadalajara. This mixed-use project is located in the Puerta de Hierro district, the most exclusive and prestigious place in the state of Jalisco. His plan was designed to complement the ever-growing need of cosmopolitan consumers in the city who in recent years have positioned the area as the fastest growing area. Like any symbol of modern architecture that dictates trends, this complex will integrate two iconic towers that will take advantage of its unbeatable location to offer spectacular views and raise the standards of luxury in Jalisco, expanding the offer of first-class office spaces and establishing leading luxury residences in its field, everything to satisfy the needs of this sophisticated market. You can see a video of the project below.

Image Credits & Source – Landmark Guadalajara, Pisos Cavalia, Iconia Cubos, Nerea Project, Andares 5065, Hotel Baruk, Cosmocrat Puerta de Hierro, Espacio Galerias, Pisos Cavalia, Andares Corpotativo Paseo, Attala Tower Living, Midtown Project

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