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Hey guys! If you think preparing a romantic meal is tough for some guys, how about setting a romantic table? Modern Home Décor will teach you how to set a romantic table for Valentine’s Day dinner. No matter what romantic meal you have decided to create for your Valentine, know that you will be appreciated as much, if not more, for your efforts than for the food itself. This will be a memorable night.

With your menu squared away, there are still some issues to address. Is the time to round out the mood: pick your favorite romantic songs, set a romantic table, and maybe even pick a romantic movie to “watch” together after the Valentine’s Day dinner. Your attention to romantic detail with the finishing touches will serve to complement and complete the romantic Valentine’s Day dinner you have planned and with the romantic dessert.

"Romantic Dinner"

The Music

If you have a song that you consider “your song,” Valentine’s Day is a great day to play it. With romantic songs, there is a fine line to walk here. You want the music to be romantic detail and to set an intimate mood, but you don’t want to cross the line into overt cornball cheesiness or something that will distract from the food and moment.

Here are a few of Modern Home Decor favorite all time romantic songs that I think you might enjoy:

Michael Buble – Close your eyes
Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
Frank Sinatra – Greatest Love Songs
Sade – Lovers Rock

"Romantic Dinner"

The Table

It has been my experience that women tend to think we are incapable of setting a table, and not without reason. So, on this Valentine’s Day dinner, I’ll share with you how to set a romantic table.

1 – For Valentine’s Day especially, you will want to be able to look at each other and sit close during dinner. Don’t set the places at opposite ends of a long table. This is a romantic detail.

2 – If you are going to put candles or flowers on the table, do not use scented candles or buy flowers that have any scent. The perfume can interfere with your enjoyment of the meal.

3 – If you don’t own cloth napkins, now is the time to get some. Red or white would be appropriate. Cloth napkins are easily found in any store that sells home goods.

"Romantic Dinner"

Setting the Table

If you have enough silverware, go ahead and go all out. If you don’t own enough, don’t panic, and don’t run out to buy extra forks and knives. Use what you have, and arrange them in a way that makes sense for the meal you are serving. Your Valentine will not be upset by having to use the same fork for her fish course and her meat course.

There are many, many ways to set the table to and get a memorable night. I’m going to give you a fairly straightforward way to set the table.

The rule seems to be that you place the utensils for the first courses farthest from the plate and the utensils for the later courses closer to the plate. You should place the utensils so you use them from the outside of the setting to the inside of the setting. So, from left to right, you will need a salad fork, followed by two dinner forks. These will be for the salad, the fish and the meat course. Then, put the plate on the table. To the right of the plate, put a dinner fork with the blade turned toward the plate, another knife, and a soup spoon. These will be for the salad, the fish/meat course and the soup course.

"Romantic Dinner"

If you are serving bread and want to put it on a separate plate, place it above the forks to the left of the plate. Place the water and or wine glasses to the right of the plate above the knives and spoon. The water glass should be closest to the plate with the wine glass next to it. Last, fold the napkin and place it either in the water glass or on the plate. As far as dessert goes, bring any necessary utensils to the table with the course. You don’t need to pre-set for a romantic dessert. Maybe you’ll not need nothing for the romantic dessert…

And that is really all there is to it. Hope you now know how to set a romantic table for Valentine’s Day dinner. Enjoy your memorable night and say thanks to Modern Home Decor!!

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